What to Expect From Your Home Inspection

So you’re buying a house-congratulations! Whereas it’s suggested to take off the inspection up to the experts, there are some things you’ll keep yourself in the loop on. Here are a handful of tips about what to anticipate from your home inspection, as well as a couple of parts of the home inspection that your home inspector will cover.

Electrical Wiring

Whereas modern homes have proper electrical outlets, numerous older homes don’t have satisfactory control where the home needs it. To counter this, numerous older homes run extension ropes through rooms, which may lead to stretch on the electrical framework, possibly causing a fire.

Additionally, if your new home has open splice wires (often found in garages), call a licensed electrician to properly fix the issue.


Missing, cracked and broken shingles are one of the first things a home inspector may notice. Most often, the missing or broken tiles are replaceable with an exact or near-exact match.  That being said, if the material under the shingles is rotted, you can request that they are fixed by the sellers.

Cracks formed by air and water.

Cracks formed at the windows can allow water to get into the wall of your home, which can cause mold.  This is something that your home inspector will look at to determine if the crack is problematic or not.

Heating and Cooling

It is WARM in Arizona and the home inspector will check the cooling systems to make sure they are working efficiently.  While it may not seem necessary during the summer months, the inspector will also check the heater to ensure it is also working.

Most importantly, ask questions of your home inspectors! At Scottsdale’s Finest Home Inspection (Arizona), we want to make sure you understand what to expect from your home inspection & the complete report of our findings.

In need of a home inspection? Contact us to get in touch with our certified home inspectors!

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