Simple Steps for Summer Lawn Preparation

No matter how much exertion you put into your garden, it just won’t see great in case your grass is brown, patchy and plagued with weeds. But it doesn’t have to be – you can get it looking thick, rich and green in no time. Here are our top and most cost-effective strategies to induce and keep your garden culminate this summer.


Walk over your grass and assemble any twigs, branches or other debris that has shown up over winter.

Spring is one of the foremost imperative times to perform upkeep to your grass. By following these 5 steps you can help anticipate your excellent garden from being overwhelmed with weeds or getting to be focused by a dry spell, and heat.


After cleaning the primary step would be to cut your grass. In spring/early spring grass can grow faster and there could be more leaf development. It’s too vital to expel the cover or mat layer. You’ll be able to do this by cutting more than once a week but don’t seriously cut the grass. Fair take the ‘top’ off. To keep your cutter edges sharp!

Aerate and scarify

Following up is circulating air through and/or scarifying. Exterior of cutting, removing much of the cover and greenery that has created is imperative. Extraordinary layers of cover can limit movement of water, air, manure and other supplements the grass depends on. It’s not only greatly useful for your garden within the long term, but basic grass upkeep task.

This will be done by employing a fork or a spike roller to make gaps of at slightest 20cm deep into the soil. Scarifying is the more invasive, mechanical raking of the lawn. It diminishes out the cover that has created inside the grass. Most gardens got to be scarified at the slightest once a year. Spring is the perfect time as the grass is effectively developing and can recuperate from the process.

The Top Dressing (Feeding)

Feeding the grass could be an imperative step within the process. Including a top, the coat can help to anticipate weeds, keep the soil moist and increase development. This too makes a difference to your garden hold water in the hotter summer months.

Watch the weeds

August is the month that we discover the foremost weeds in and on our grass. The most excellent antidote is to make sure your grass is prepared with the correct composts and manures. In the event that the grass is developing solid no weeds will survive. On the off chance that you discover patches with excessively weed development, utilize a weed killer


Our tried and tested strategy of watering: gradually, profoundly, rarely. Water altogether at slightest twice a week – instead of a bit each day. In the event that your grass gets water each day makes a ‘wet feet’ issue that creates the grass more vulnerable to diseases. Reasonable sums of water once/twice a week empowers the roots to develop strong.

Getting your lawn ready can be a process that tests your patience! But once you’ve got that lush green grass for summer it’ll so be worth it! It’s also good to keep in mind that standard upkeep is the most perfect way to approach a lawn.

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