Important Home Inspection Points

Even as the inventory of resale homes has declined in the Phoenix area in 2015, we have found that there are many important home Inspection points to keep an eye on when looking for a place to move into.  Other than the obvious of the presentation of the home and its functional design, one should pay attention to the key facets that don’t get as much attention. Some of those are the heating and air conditioning aspects of the house, it’s plumbing systems and the electrical set up throughout the home.

The heating and cooling will share the same ductwork in any modern Arizona home but the units that are the heart of it are many times out of the way and wear with the effects of weather and continual use during the summer.  

Have your inspector pay particular attention to the compressor and the wear exerted on the evaporator coil.  These are key components and can tell a lot about the capabilities of a system. Rusting in the drip pans of those units will be an indicator of age and possible failure in the future.  The heating elements are many times in good shape due to lack of use, compared to the A/C but should be looked at carefully.

Have your inspector look at the home inspection points of any leaks or corrosion in the plumbing system.  Look for tell-tale signs of moisture near-wall areas and faint brown lines in the ceiling junctions between floors.  Also, have him or she looks for elements of wear or arching in the electrical systems by wires that have worn over time and are too close to one another.

Many times the walls, ceilings, floors, and counters get the most attention but that is not the most important home inspection point.  That doesn’t mean the “Bones” of the house isn’t just as important. Keeping these kinds of things in mind will assure you of a good Home Inspection.

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