Imperative Tips For Home Fire Safety

Fires can happen at any time and in many instances, can be fatal. 

In every home, there is the potential for a fire catching, due to various, everyday activities and objects that are found around the home. 

However, certain precautions decrease the risks of a fire in the home. We’ve explored a few fire safety tips that could save your life. 

Blow the Candles Out

They may provide our homes with fragrances that you’d have to travel to find, but candles are one of the most common ways a fire starts. 

A simple knock of a candle, even if it’s in a holder can start a fire that could devastate a family home. 

It’s also advised that you place the candle – should you want one – on a flame-resistant surface to prevent any chance of a fire spreading rapidly. 

Remember to Unplug

Electrics are another major cause of fires, wall adapters being the prime culprit behind the fires.

Nowadays, it’s common to require more sockets for multiple electronics that appear in households.

Cube adapters that provide multiple sockets for electrical goods are sometimes produced without a fuse meaning there could be a risk of overloading the socket or even tipping out of it completely.

Rather than using a cube adapter, use a strip adaptor. This alternative trips when overloaded, protecting the users and their family from a fire.

Kitchen Check

As expected, cooking is another major cause of fires 

After whipping up a scrumptious dinner for your family, it’s important that you turn off all the appliances you used and you keep your cooker and grill pan free of any oil. Oil can be set alight in a matter of seconds, so keeping these two kitchen essentials free of the substance is a step forward in avoiding a cooking fire.

Stay in Whilst Washing Up

Surprisingly, washing machines have proven to be a problem when it comes to fires.

This problem has arisen thanks to the high voltage they use which is combined with the movement inside the appliance. When you add these two aspects together, it’s easy to see the risk of a fire breaking out.

Due to the risk, it’s advised that you shouldn’t put the washing on when you’re napping, going to sleep for the night or going out. 

Evacuation Plan

One main element of the fire service’s latest work is ensuring that people who live in tower blocks understand what to do in the event of a fire catching.

Fire Safety Knowledge

Understanding what to do at home and at work in the event of a fire can mean the difference between life and death.

Having someone trained in Fire Safety at work is vital for all businesses, but this knowledge can also be used – to a certain degree – at home too.

Are you confused about whether your home or workplace is fireproof or not? Look nowhere & call Digital Home Inspection experts. We’ll leave no stone unturned in order to give you the best & accurate inspection report. 

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