Tips to Prepare Your Home for Your Home Inspection

Congratulations! You’ve received an offer on your house and the papers are signed. The next step will be a home inspection and there are a few small things you can do to prepare for a home inspection and make sure the process goes smoothly.

Clean your home

A dirty, unkempt house can be a big red flag to home inspectors. Additionally, oftentimes buyers will be present for the home inspection and you want to make sure they don’t rethink their decision based on the current state of the house.

Fix any minor defects

Do you have a loose doorknob or leaky faucet? It will be worth your time to fix those yourself, or hire a handyman, before the inspection. A little work now will save you on your home inspection report.

Clear the way

Home inspectors will need to access the attic, as well as heating & cooling units. Make sure there’s a clear path for them to be able to access everything they need to get to during the inspection.

Get rid of bugs

Do you have a big ant or bee problem at your home? Make sure to get rid of those pests before the home inspection, as they will show up in your home report.

Leave the keys

Your home inspector will need to access the garage, so if it’s unattached from your home, make sure the remote control or key is available to the home inspector.

Considering being gone

You want to ensure that the inspector can do their job without being distracted, so consider finding an activity away from your home during the inspection. You also want to give potential buyers their space, as well. Interacting with them and talking to them about the house could sway their opinion as to if they still want the house.

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