Does Your Door Lock Protect Against This Break-in Method?

From self-driving cars to Snapchat, digital technology proceeds to convert nearly every angle of our lives. Whereas these big-ticket shrewd things make the features, many homeowners are more inquisitive about how savvy innovation can be utilized to extend their level of home security.

Nowadays, advanced image sensors, indoor video cameras, and DIY security center points permit the normal property holder to introduce security frameworks that are straightforwardly connected to the police. Property holders can too bolt entryways and check cameras from their phones, regardless of their location.

“No matter how progressed your security framework, your home is only secured as much as your weakest link,” says Randy Johnson, a proficient locksmith with Lock-Tech in Orange County, California. “Far too often, it’s the frail entryway bolt on the door that thieves utilize as their entryway into a home.”

A rising danger

Recently, Good Morning America reported on the increase in the use of bump keys to breaking into homes.

Bump keys can be purchased online and fit into just about any door lock. A burglar needs only to hit the head of the inserted key with a hammer or a blunt object. This causes the pins in the lock to jump, allowing anyone to unlock the door and easily enter your home.

Because this entry method is not easily noticeable, many people don’t even know their home was broken into.

Studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice found that household break-in rates regularly increase during the summer. Those findings are confirmed by F.B.I. data that show all criminal activity increases roughly 10 percent during the summer months.

These factors have led security experts to remind the public that not all door locks are the same and homeowners need to invest in bump-proof door locks.

Bump-proof locks

As summer crime spikes, the importance of having the right kind of door lock on your home cannot be overstated. Kwikset SmartKey locks are built with a patented BumpGuard technology that prevents would-be burglars from breaking into your house with a bump key.

Available in doorknobs, door locks, smart locks, handle sets and more, there’s a Kwikset door lock with SmartKey security to fit virtually every door.

While there is no shortage of smart security options for your home, the Kwikset door locks specifically respond to a very real threat. This technology will be welcome news for moms and dads looking for the best way to protect their family and keep their valuables secure.

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